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The Every Breath Counts Podcast is one of the newest and most motivational podcasts on the internet. Every week, I speak with someone that has accomplished success in business, fitness and other disciplines after overcoming adversity. The guests range from ultramarathon runners and weekend warriors to corporate executives and high ranking government officials. Everyone has a story worth sharing and it's my goal to highlight the attributes that make people successful topside inspiration and motivation for anyone who listens. 


I'm Ryan Shekell and I am a delusional optimist. Through my motivational podcast, newsletter and speaking engagements,  I aim to build a world in which every individual sees themself as the hero of their story, has the confidence to turn that story into reality and the courage to share their story with the world.


This is my story:

At 18, I was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, a debilitating and incurable lung disease that only 70,000 people worldwide have. I was told that the average lifespan of people with cystic fibrosis is 35 years old and I would never be able to have biological children.

Since being diagnosed, I have built a successful management career, married the love of my life, fathered 2 amazing sons, and achieved many athletic endeavors that many couldn't imagine.

I've observed that Leadership is the ability to inspire change and empower people to take action. Follow me as I share the lessons I have learned from experience, and others. 

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